Whole Foods Market Отзывы пользователей

App doesn’t work

App doesn’t work and won’t allow you to login. No discount for us at Whole Foods. App is trash.

Unable to search products


Mostly good.

This app is easy to use, much better than some other apps where to have to struggle hard to find your scan code etc. The only issue I’ve seen is that you can’t tap and zoom pictures. You see a fish fingers special and you want to zoom in and see the texture? Too bad, the 200 pixel wide pixel is best you can have. Also twice went to store and special I went for had disappeared from the app, so looks like not everything has the same date ranges on it and you have to watch out for that.

Focus on your customers!

Add the prime code to the iOS wallet and use geolocation to surface the wallet card when I’m at my local Whole Foods. I shouldn’t have to unlock my phone and search for this app to scan at checkout. I should be able to do my full transaction without unlocking my phone - prime code scan + pay.

App won’t download

Loaded with bugs. Doesn’t work.

Needs Apple Wallet support

Title says it all.

Please add Apple Watch support!

I think the app is fine for what it does- I use it at Whole Foods all the time to obtain my Amazon Prime discounts. Wish I could just pull up the QR code on my watch (like the Starbucks app) so that I don’t need my phone. If you can implement this it would make the app that much better. Please!!!

Pointless Application

The app gives you option to link amazon for your prime member savings barcode in-store. However you can do this with the amazon app without linking. The savings tab gives you a small list of items on sale which is nice but not useful since you can’t filter or search. Would be nice to be able to make grocery list where it shows you aisle and prices. Wegmans app does this today which is very convenient.

Whole Foods App Needs Work

The Whole Foods app is terrible. I downloaded it so I look look for specific products. But the app does not even have a search button. I looked for it but could not find it. The app forces you to look at products that are features whether or not you like them or not, or whether or not they are good or healthy for you. There is no way to go to any category of products. Poor job on the app. I’m deleting it and do not recommend it. Don’t waste your time downloading it like I did.

Needs more for the customer

I give this app 2 stars because there is a very low amount of items at Whole Foods that is actually on sale. There are very little items on the list to get a few cents off and the odds of someone needing the few items because they are very random, is low. (My opinion) 1 or 2 here and there. Amazon needs to consider the customer more with saving a little bit of money for being a loyal Prime member!!! I am a loyal Amazon customer and shop at Whole Foods on an Average twice a month. This is a multi billion dollar business and the smaller food markets are giving their customers a decent amount more. 😔 The app is kinda useless, when the customer is getting close to nothing out of it and is an active paying customer. Step up the game Amazon for the Whole Foods shopper!!!


This app quit working for me 2 months ago.


Not even a search button what were you thinking?

Little functionality

The only use of this app is to provide the barcode for prime discounts. I would have liked to make a grocery list or even better order groceries directly off the app and pick up at the store already bagged. Perhaps this is planned in the future. Quite honestly expected more from amazon.

Pretty poor app

Compared to other major grocery chains, this app is really bad on so many levels. With the new takeover by Amazon I’m hoping the executives make the mobile platform a priority for Whole Foods. I’m surprised it hasn’t been revamped already. Just think about all the lost revenue and customers because of an absolutely horrible app. Embarrassing!

Depends on Wi-Fi

My store Wi-Fi is usually not working. This app needs Wi-Fi to pull up the code. Otherwise the other functions work.....if you have Wi-Fi.....


Can you tweak the app so we can add the scan to Wallet?

Works well - want Apple wallet support

Overall it does what it needs to do. But it would be much more convenient to have the loyalty / prime bar code be an Apple wallet card (with geo awareness).

Not bad

Can it open and not immediately blind me?! Maybe change the default screen when opening to the “savings” tab so that my brightness doesn’t go up when I don’t want it to. Or give the users the option to their preferred default screen in the settings. Thanks!

Where is the content?

Horrible. Basically all it is is a tiny advertisement of a handful of sale items and a barcode for them to scan at check out. It should have a search option so you can see if they A) have your item... and B) if it’s on sale. Target has an amazing App, Amazon could learn a thing or two.

Can’t Add to Apple Wallet

The main reason to download this app is the QR code, but I can’t add it to Apple Wallet. I shouldn’t have to find and launch the app just to scan, then lock, then launch Wallet to pay. Dumb.

It’s just a barcode

I swear the Whole Foods app used to offer more information other than the prime barcode. Now, it’s useless. All it shows the barcode and sales items for the week. If you want to know anything else, it ain’t happening. And you don’t even NEED the app to use the discount in the store because you can just provide your phone number. Total waste of space on my phone

Limited, but effective

The app is good for finding deals in your area, but not much beyon that. I don't understand why I can't just add my Prime code to my wallet.


Worst feed ever, no features

Not much to the app

Glad to get prime savings at WF, but ... is that all there is? This app is waaaaay too minimalistic! Please, Amazon/WF, check our Target’s app and follow suit! 😝We need more features!!!

No way to search stock

This app is very limited. There is no way to search for store products. Kroger has a far superior app!

Save receipts

The app should save all your previous purchases and maybe even brake it down to what categories you spend money on; fruit and vegetables, cereal, dairy etc..


Go the the website instead…

Doesn’t work on my iPhone X

The app has never displayed the bar code always giving an error that “this page cannot be displayed”. Deleting and reinstalling the app did not fix it. Instead the error now comes up on launch. Completely useless.

Whole Foods App

I have tried numerous times to get the app to work, even went to Whole Foods store. Still does not work. Not as promised.

Never works

Tried using the App at several Whole Foods. Can’t ever get it to open while at the register. Held up the line trying to get it to work one time. Other times just checked out without discount. Super disappointing especially from Amazon.

Insulting to users

The login captcha is incredibly difficult to decipher. There doesn’t appear to be any search functionality within Prime Member Savings, presumably to force you to look at everything. Feels like Amazon is really trying to extract every last penny from its customers here, no matter how bad it makes the experience.


This app is garbage. I can never load my prime bar code. I uninstall and reinstall and no success.

Can’t search for items

Since Amazon took over all I can see at the store is the sale items. I want to search the store for other things that I don’t know are carried there. This is way too limited to be helpful

Can’t login

Can not log in

Doesn’t do much

The app is a couple settings to configure Amazon Prime for Whole Foods and then a list of sales (a list which can’t be searched, filtered, or ordered). Works fine, but as far as I’m concerned, it should just be a Pass in Apple Wallet.

Amazon Log In

Can’t log on to this app for nothing. I’m an Amazon Prime member and downloaded the Whole Foods app and nothing happens. Thanks for all the savings.

Apple Wallet Please!

Please please please add support to add our Whole Foods+Prime QR code to Apple Wallet!

Can’t even connect to app

Standing in line at Whole Foods, trying to open my Whole Foods app to pull my Prime bar code number but was never able to connect to my account. This app doesn’t work very well.


It would be nice to track savings and/or purchases in the app. Nice to know what I can save on.

Needs Apple wallet support

Needs Apple wallet support.

Pretty Pointless

Not sure what purpose the app serves other than providing a static barcode. This is a waste of space on my phone.

Amazon Prime, only

Can’t even search WF products! Zero functionality compared to other grocery store apps.

Utter garbage

If you don't have version 10 of iPhone you are told to update. Of course you can't because you don't have the latest version phone. So this is an example of PPP - Piss Poor Programming. So I have dumped WF for Wegmans. So much better anyway!

QR code changes over time...add Apple Watch

Add Apple Watch support. Would make life much easier to just use the Apple Watch to both pay and scan Amazon membership. With Apple Pay on the watch I don’t always have my phone anymore.

Works great

The app logs in without issue and does what is advertised. I don’t understand the other reviews. Seems like they have an agenda. I don’t want shopping list included in this app. I hate how people have this expectation that one app should do everything. That’s why we have crappy apps.

Can’t log in can’t get app to start

Hit the button to log in with Amazon tells me can’t at this time. Don’t even get a login screen. Try to open within login and get sorry can’t open retry.


It was super easy to sign up, less then a minute. I am excited to use this code now! Thank you

Useless app

Don't download you can't log into amazon via the app to use the prime code at check out. Error message keeps popping up saying there's "no account with that email" and all my info is correct. It's 2018 update!!!!

Most Useless App Ever

I am a huge Amazon fan and saw an ad for 30% off lunch meat & cheese for Prime members. There is no way to go there directly from Amazon so you must download the app. Once you are there, there’s no way to search for food. How dumb is that? Can’t order if you don’t make it user friendly. How disappointing. I deleted this useless app.

Prime member

I'm an Amazon Prime member using my Amazon Prime credit card. don't make me download a stupid app.

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